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Our Story

Yolkshire is India's first egg specialty restaurant chain that serves world-renowned egg preparations at an affordable price. 

As a prospective international chain, ‘Yolkshire’ envisions popularising the egg as an all-day meal option, taking it beyond the breakfast table. With its immense versatility, the team believes that the egg lends itself to such ambitious plans.


Combining taste with health comes naturally to eggs and so to ‘Yolkshire’ too. We simply add to it the amazing creativity of our Chefs and our hygienic handiwork. ‘Yolkshire’ is not just another restaurant; it is an egg parlour, where we serve you the best-dressed eggs. ‘Yolkshire’ is planning on opening many more ‘eggular hangouts’ in Pune and around the world, so start counting your chickens while our eggs hatch!

Contact Us: 

Company: Yolkshire Foods And Hospitality Private Limited

Email ID:

Phone: +91 7264881177

Address: B-10, Snehal Classique, Vimlabai Jadhav Path, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005


Know your hatchers

Varad Deshpande
Varad Deshpande

Co-founder and Director


A former national level tennis player and an MBA from HEC Paris, Varad is passionate about food sustainability and intends to build Yolkshire as a carbon neutral, zero waste restaurant chain. Varad likes to celebrate different cultures and traditions and that has been an essential element in Yolkshire's menu today, along with its healthy and nutritious egg based preparations. 

Vinod Shastri
Vinod Shastri

Cofounder and Director

A professor of entrepreneurship, Vinod has been a strong pillar in the progress of Yolkshire. 

Makarand Kulkarni
Makarand Kulkarni

Investor and Advisor


With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Makarand's expertise and advice plays a valuable role in the smooth functioning of Yolkshire. 

Our team

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